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Hopskeller is a brewery influenced by the beers of Northern England and the Pacific Northwest, currently focused on providing our Pale Mild Ale, Raspberry Ale, "Illinois Common" Ale, Northern Pale Ale, Northern English Brown Ale, and "Across the Pond" Hybrid IPA.

Brewed in a pre-Civil War home remodeled with reclaimed materials, devastated by an after-hours fire, and reopened one year later, Hopskeller is more than a brewery. It is a gathering place for laughter, discussion and the heart-warming joy of beer with friends.

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Our brewers have won over 15 awards at sanctioned homebrewing competitions across the country since the summer of 2015 alone. Our specialties are English-style ales and Northwest Coast American ales. The choice of beers has some sentimental importance; founder Matt Schweizer has lived in northern England and Oregon, and both places were instrumental in helping develop his style and brewing philosophy.

Many of Hopskeller's beers come from recipes that Matt created to relive the greatest moments of traveling in Europe and the American Northwest, and we hope that these beers will create memories for you, too! We will, of course, offer a wide array of seasonal ales and lagers that test the artistry of our brewing team and will hopefully intrigue even the most experienced beer nerd!

Check out our new brews!


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