Our first Barn Burner was a huge success!

Our 2017 Barn Burner was a huge success! Thanks entirely to everyone who came out to have fun with us this past weekend. Patrick White and Brian McKelvey did an amazing job with the live entertainment, and if the 20+ empty kegs downstairs are any indication, we all seemed to have a good time!

It's with great pleasure, then, that we announce that we will donate a combined total of $6,000.00 to the Waterloo Fire Department, the Columbia Volunteer Fire Department, and the Red Bud Fire Department, to be presented at a small reception in the near future. Without this great group of volunteers, we wouldn't have a building at all; you have our deepest appreciation!

We will donate a further $5,000.00 to the St. Louis Brewers Guild for their support (financial and otherwise) immediately following the fire. We are by no means the first brewery to receive the Guild's direct help, and we know that we won't be the last; we've seen firsthand the good that the Guild does and are happy to return the favor!

Finally, thanks to the wonderful turnout for the Krebel Crawl and show of support for Dan. We will make a further donation to the Krebel family from this weekend's sales. Thanks for joining us for such a good cause!

Our past year has seen a lot of ups and downs, but the one constant throughout it has been the support given to us from our friends, families, and the larger community. It's great to be back, everyone! Here's to looking forward to our 2018 Barn Burner!